About Solution Group

Solution Group srl is the software development division of Centro Computer Spa. The company specializes in the development of web and mobile software and in development and consulting services.

Solution Group srl was founded in 1999 by Maurizio Bigi, Mauro Marchesi, Roberto Fallavena and the Computer Center Group Spa.

The web at that time was booming and opening up new opportunities. The software could be made in a completely different way than before, becoming easily usable for a much wider audience. The IT sector was being revolutionized and new spaces were opening up for those who proposed these solutions.

Since its inception, the division has specialized in web development and subsequently extended its skills to the field of applications for smartphones and mobile devices.

For a customer, a software is an important investment, to make it effective Solution Group uses innovative working methods and technologies, which produce results and last over time. A software, however, is also a daily work tool for users who use it, therefore it must be simple, fluid and pleasant. Creativity, innovation and attention to design are the weapons that the division uses to meet these needs.

Web development

We bring your company's commercial, administrative and logistic processes to the web.

Our web software have three characteristics:

Cutting-edge technology. The web evolves rapidly and with it the technology that supports it. The research activity of new technologies allows us to evaluate the available opportunities and to choose, among these, those able to best satisfy our customers.

Ease of use. A software requires the user to select forms and fill in information. We create interfaces that allow users to complete processes in a simple, fluid and fast way.

Design. We always have great respect for our users and we carefully consider their suggestions. Forms, fonts, colors, icons and buttons are the tools we use to communicate with them every day.

The software we create remain operational for a long time (10-15 years) because they are able to follow the organizational and business changes of the companies that commission them and the technological changes of the IT tools who produce them.

Mobile development

We have been creating mobile apps for companies for over 15 years. The first app was created in 2005 to allow the insertion of the interventions of our technicians from a smartphone (then it was called Pocket PC). Since then we have created apps for various processes including: workflow, alarms, health services, validation, warehouse and management flows. All the apps created have always been integrated with the central systems of the client companies.

When we make an app we focus on three factors:

Transmission speed . In an app, the data flow transits over slow connections. We optimize the data flow to make the transmission solid.

Navigation speed . The user who uses an app is on the move and his pointer is his finger. The possibility of error is high. Speed and ease of use become key factors. Our interfaces are designed to operate with just a few ' clicks'.

Design . In our forms there are no special effects, but sometimes in a 6-inch monitor you have to fill in the same fields that fill a 28-inch monitor. We create interfaces that facilitate and simplify the data entry.

In short, the user who uses our applications is working and has little time to waste, speed and simplicity are very important factors. To achieve these goals and satisfy our users, we use cutting-edge technologies that allow us to optimize their performance and make their use quick and easy.

Microsoft platforms

Microsoft Visual studio is the framework we use every day to integrate with Microsoft family platforms and technologies, including:

Microsoft Azure. Our reference cloud. The applications we create are always designed to be "cloud compliant" both in full and hybrid mode.

Microsoft Exchange. We develop add-ins, services and connectors to integrate the functionality provided by Exchange (e-mail, calendar, resources) with our applications. Our Meet Monitor and Fastservice products are an example of this integration.

Microsoft Graph. Excel, Teams, Outlook, are platforms used by every company. We use Graph when our application has to interface with these.

SignalR. Push notifications and real-time updates are increasingly popular. When real-time information needs to be forwarded we use SignalR.

Microsoft SQLServer. Is our reference relational database. Each of our applications (if it uses a relational database) is based on a SQL Server database.

Our products

The solutions we realize sometimes become products.

Service Management

The Fastservice product was born from 30 years of experience in organizing the assistance service. The product transfers in a app, all the solutions that our business has brought us to perfect.

Disappear paper forms and e-mails. All data are registered and available in the system with one click.

Room Booking

Meet Monitor is a digital signage software created to provide information on the status of a meeting room (see current event) or to provide booking functions.

Meet Monitor connects to a mail system (Microsoft or Google) and enables, from the touch-screen monitor, the room booking and the display of the room status.

Our skills

Our team is made up of Computer Science or Computer Engineering graduates who operate and reside on the Italian territory and join the organization as a result of our collaboration with local universities.

Our developers have complete skills. They design the data structures, design the user interface, create the services. Today they are defined as full stack developers, i.e. programmers capable of creating all the components of a project: front-end, services, back-end. In this sense, it is possible to entrust each of them with the entire creation of a software.

The team throughout its history has always been identified for its specialization in cutting-edge technologies, which today translate into web applications with high performance, designed to be responsive.

We use third-party components to manage standard features, but the rest of the software we make leaves our offices. We therefore have full control of the software we provide and, for this reason, we are able to satisfy any type of customer request.

The code we write is not visible to our users, we communicate with them through our graphic interfaces and through these we want to convey our passion and quality by creating them: fluid, simple and, why not, also beautiful to look at. Not all programmers are the same.

The skill areas

If it is true that a programmer starting from a blank sheet is always able to create any type of software, it is equally true that having already experience on the area in which he will operate will help him to better understand the dynamics, processes and, sometimes, also the words that will be expressed during the project.

During its activity, our team has created software for multiple product sectors and business areas, but, in particular, for some of these, it had the opportunity to develop specific know-how.

This competence translates into a set of information, knowledge, code, procedures, functions that our developers and analysts have at their disposal when facing a new job and allows them to deal with it not starting from a blank sheet.

Aree/Commerciale 180,984 Aree/Integrazione sistemi 105,234 Aree/Servizi 102,514 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino 92,202 Aree/Amministrazione 62,800 Aree/Workflow 39,492 Aree/Digital signage 18,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali 83,786 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti 49,126 Aree/Commerciale/Cruscotti 34,036 Aree/Commerciale/Portali fornitori 14,036 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme 69,144 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati 36,090 Aree/Servizi/Gestione 42,425 Aree/Servizi/Ticket management 20,586 Aree/Servizi/Interventi 15,586 Aree/Servizi/Interventi in mobilità 15,586 Aree/Servizi/Monitoraggio device 8,331 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Consegne 10,833 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Etichette 10,833 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Prelievi 10,732 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Firme 10,066 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Barcoding hardware 8,623 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Barcoding software 8,623 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Inventario 8,623 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Mapping 8,623 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Stampe in mobilità 7,623 Aree/Logistica & Magazzino/Tracciabilità 7,623 Aree/Amministrazione/Contratti 29,064 Aree/Amministrazione/Protocollazione 10,042 Aree/Amministrazione/Riconciliazioni 8,010 Aree/Amministrazione/Fatture 7,842 Aree/Amministrazione/Ratei 7,842 Aree/Workflow/Richieste di acquisto 9,018 Aree/Workflow/Tracciabilità 8,652 Aree/Workflow/Qualità 8,636 Aree/Workflow/Materie prime 6,593 Aree/Workflow/Nuovi prodotti 6,593 Aree/Digital signage/Room booking 18,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Comunicazioni 21,054 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Offerte 10,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Mapping 8,623 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Task 8,012 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Opportunità 8,011 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Dati entry 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Listini 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Agenda 7,016 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Attività 7,016 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti/Alert 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti/Assets management 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti/Monitoraggio device 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti/Order entry 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti/Reporting 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti/Richieste di assistenza 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali clienti/Spedizioni automatiche 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Cruscotti/Cards 17,018 Aree/Commerciale/Cruscotti/Charts 17,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali fornitori/Lotti di produzione 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali fornitori/Dati tracciabilità 7,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Microsoft Azure 24,054 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/SAP 9,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Microsoft Exchange 9,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Solarwind Monitoring 9,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Printfleet Optimizer 9,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Ticketing system 9,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati/Altri formati 18,054 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati/JSON format 18,036 Aree/Servizi/Gestione/Alert 13,018 Aree/Servizi/Gestione/Level Agreements 8,059 Aree/Servizi/Gestione/Auto dispatching 7,165 Aree/Servizi/Gestione/Orari di lavoro 7,165 Aree/Servizi/Gestione/Approvazioni 7,018 Aree/Amministrazione/Contratti/Conguagli 8,010 Aree/Amministrazione/Contratti/Rettifiche 7,018 Aree/Amministrazione/Contratti/Rinnovi 7,018 Aree/Amministrazione/Contratti/Scali 7,018 Aree/Workflow/Richieste di acquisto/E-Mail Validation 9,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Comunicazioni/Messaggi 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Comunicazioni/News 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Comunicazioni/Notifiche push 7,018 Aree/Commerciale/Portali commerciali/Offerte/Stampe 10,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Microsoft Azure/File storage 8,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Microsoft Azure/Logic Apps 8,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Piattaforme/Microsoft Azure/Table storage 8,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati/Altri formati/CSV 6,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati/Altri formati/TXT 6,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati/Altri formati/XML 6,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati/JSON format/WEBAPI 9,018 Aree/Integrazione sistemi/Scambio Dati/JSON format/Microsoft Graph 9,018 Commerciale Integrazione sistemi Servizi Logistica & Magazzino Amministrazione Workflow Digital signage Portali commerciali Portali clienti Cruscotti Portali fornitori Piattaforme Scambio Dati Gestione Ticket management Interventi Interventi in mobilità Monitoraggio device Consegne Etichette Prelievi Firme Barcoding hardware Barcoding software Inventario Mapping Stampe in mobilità Tracciabilità Contratti Protocollazione Riconciliazioni Fatture Ratei Richieste di acquisto Tracciabilità Qualità Materie prime Nuovi prodotti Room booking Comunicazioni Offerte Mapping Task Opportunità Dati entry Listini Agenda Attività Alert Assets management Monitoraggio device Order entry Reporting Richieste di assistenza Spedizioni automatiche Cards Charts Lotti di produzione Dati tracciabilità Microsoft Azure SAP Microsoft Exchange Solarwind Monitoring Printfleet Optimizer Ticketing system Altri formati JSON format Alert Level Agreements Auto dispatching Orari di lavoro Approvazioni Conguagli Rettifiche Rinnovi Scali E-Mail Validation Messaggi News Notifiche push Stampe File storage Logic Apps Table storage CSV TXT XML WEBAPI Microsoft Graph

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